Safety First Group LtdNewcastle

Apprentice Business Administrator

£220.00 - Weekly


Business, Administration & Consulting
Start: 25 April 2022
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Why We Need You

  • Working under the office manager / HR manager
  • Preparing site files for site team
  • Preparing site reports after projects are completed on site
  • Completing workplace inspections & report (housekeeping)
  • Liaising with the site team to ensure they have what they need to go on site
  • Arranging hotels for site team
  • Writing sales quotes
  • Complete schematic drawings for site team (Lucid Charts)


Starting out as Occupational Hygiene specialists, Safety First Group was founded by Ash Samms and Will Dooley, experts in the Occupational Hygiene industry for over 10 years, with a purpose to provide quality service at an affordable price.

Over the years we’ve built ongoing relationships with some of the UK’s best known companies, allowing us to continue to innovate and grow within the health & safety arena. Consequently, we now have a full spectrum of health and safety compliance solutions including Legionella control and monitoring, DSEAR, Mental health training and more.


None required

Good IT skills – can use Word, Excell, Outlook emails

And willing to use new computer software such as Lucid Charts, and company bespoke software

Willingness to learn

Happy to answer / make calls to clients

Good communicator


Address: 566, Etruria Road The Mount, Newcastle - ST5 0SU

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