Easylink I T LimitedCoventry

Apprentice Data Infrastructure Engineer

£192.00 - £220.00 - Weekly


Start: 14 February 2022
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Why We Need You

The Network Cable Installer (NCI®) Apprenticeship is perfect for individuals wishing to acquire the knowledge to enable them to complete both copper and fibre cable installation projects and demonstrate the highest levels of skills and expertise in network cabling infrastructures. It is relevant to new entrants to the cabling industry in addition to those already working within the cable installation environment wishing to improve their skills. Gain the knowledge and skills to confidently install, test and certify copper and fibre cable installations whilst working to the correct standards and best practices. Have the desired levels of competency and confidence to install Smart Building technology such as wireless access devices, VoIP telephony, CCTV cameras, door access controls and biometric security systems.

You’ll be learning duties on how to:

  • Install
  • Terminate
  • Pulling cables
  • Cable terminations
  • Fibre splicing
  • Testing and troubleshooting Installation of various types of containment
  • Installation of network devices
  • Installation of CCTV and security devices
  • Construction of data cabinets
  • Working in a team environment
  • Test and certify network cable infrastructure components in a variety of environments
  • You will actively be trained on the job with experienced employees
  • Works will include fibre to the premises (FTTP), fibre optics within the business, network cabling, wireless deployments, telephony and door access control systems to name but a few

Any experience with operating hand or power tools would be ideal.

A valid UK driving licence would be advantageous.


Easylink IT Limited is a small, family run business near to Birmingham Airport. We have been established over 20 years and specialise in Network Cabling, including fibre optics.

We are involved with a variety of projects with small and medium sized businesses, whom many of which are household names. Our core work is predominantly Midlands based. However, we do carry out some exciting projects across the country.


  • Maths and English grade A* - C or 9 - 4 or equivalent
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a small team
  • Excellent punctuality and timekeeping
  • Hardworking
  • Flexible to work at short notice out of town, early/longer day (some overtime at weekends depending on the project)


Address: 10, Leymere Close, Coventry - CV7 7SB
Phone Number: 07585 842153

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