Jubilee Hall Trust LtdLondon

Apprentice Maintenance Assistant

£169.60 - Weekly


Start: 02 February 2022
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Why We Need You

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Why We Need You

As a Maintenance Assistant you will use your knowledge and understanding of basic carpentry, electrical, plumbing and decorating to;

  • Understand and demonstrate the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Comply with organisational safety, policies and procedures and identify hazards and reduce them consider safety compliance with a diverse sector of client groups
  • Understand and demonstrate the importance of working safely at height
  • Carry out repairs to the fabric of a building, for example repairs to walls, doors, doorframes, skirting boards or plaster damage to internal walls
  • Understand and maintain plumbing and drainage systems, for example repairs to WC systems, leaking taps or water testing and unblocking drains


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The Jubilee Hall Trust is a charity that aims to build strong healthy communities by promoting the fitness and wellbeing of the individuals within them.


The Trust operates four health, fitness and sports centres in Covent Garden, Hampstead, Southwark and Westminster and also manages outreach community programmes such as dance classes for older people and healthy eating education programmes for obese children.


Maths and English qualification.

Team working skills, communication skills, good initiative. 

Experience is not necessary. We welcome applicants who, though may not possess all qualities from our list of criteria, are able to embody our five values (Passionate, Inclusive, Productive, Enterprising and Supportive) and display the potential to develop into an excellent Maintenance Assistant.


Address: 25, Pond Street, London - NW3 2PN
Phone Number: 02075015144

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