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Crew Member Apprenticeship

£225.00 - £270.00 - Weekly


Start: 23 November 2021
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Why We Need You

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Why We Need You

As an Apprentice Crew Member, you'll quickly become part of a team, or ‘crew’, that works together to provide the best, quick service, and a great family restaurant experience. If you've visited one of our restaurants before, you probably have an idea of what is involved in working here. But you might not realise the variety and scope of the role. Specific responsibilities that involve serving customers include working behind the counter on the till and being out in the dining areas looking after our customers' needs.
You'll be working in our fast moving; high energy environment and we’re looking for a genuine smile plus an ability to connect with customers.

A franchised restaurant is a restaurant operated by a local businessperson trading under the McDonald's name. Currently over half of our restaurants in the UK are franchised but from a customer point of view there's no difference. For employees there will be minor differences between a company and a franchised restaurant. Please refer to additional information for more details.
What will it be like?
Alongside your day to day training you will be working towards your L2 Hospitality Team Member Standard, which will involve a blended social learning experience, delivered on a 121 basis in your workplace by one of our expert trainers every 4-6 weeks via face-to-face visits or remotely over telephone or Skype. The apprenticeship is a structured, learner and employer focused development programme designed to create opportunities for lifelong knowledge, skills and behaviours. 

You will also be assigned an Apprenticeship Mentor who will support you alongside your manager and assessor throughout your training and in the run up to your End Point Assessment. 

They will coach you from your first day and facilitate your 20% off job training as well as support you with your practical and online assessments.



We opened the doors of our first UK McDonald’s restaurant in 1974.  Now, in over 1,250 UK restaurants, we serve millions of customers, create jobs and provide opportunities to local people and businesses.  A lot of that is down to the hard work of our franchisees: the people who believe in our brand enough to take on their own slice of it.


No previous qualifications are required.

Are you what we need?

  • Effective communication skills such as attentive listening, face-to-face verbal communication and eye contact are a must

Are you what we need?

  • You are friendly, courteous, and helpful; and you work well as part of a team
  • Our doors are open to everyone; you'll be confident in approaching and dealing with diverse groups of people
  • You'll need to understand the importance of maintaining high standards of quality and service as well as cleanliness
  • The ability to maintain high energy levels whilst working both efficiently and productively is essential
  • Finally, your appearance should be smart and clean
  • You'll live our core Values every day in our restaurants: Serve, Inclusion, Integrity, Community and Family. To find out more about our Values visit


Address: William Frost Way, Norwich - NR5 0JS

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