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Level 3 Construction Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

£152.25 - £287.35 - Weekly


Start: 01 February 2022
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Why We Need You

Construction quantity surveyors estimate and control costs for large construction projects.

The job role of a construction surveying tech involves the following duties:

- Estimating quantities, costs, and time scales for material and labour

- Preparing tender and contract documents

- Ensuring projects meet legal and quality standards

- Valuing completed work, managing budgets, and overseeing payments

- Advising on the maintenance costs of specific buildings

- Submitting regular budget reports


Evolve Apprentices manage the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Shared Apprenticeship Scheme in London. We are a not for profit organisation aiming to deliver social value and provide opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

The Shared Apprenticeship Scheme is aimed at those contractors who are unable to commit to an apprentice for the entirety of their apprenticeship. Instead, we employ the apprentice and they Host the apprentice for as long as they need them. We then arrange for the apprentice to move between different sites and contractors for the duration of their apprenticeship until they are complete.

This not only allows the apprentice to have a diverse apprenticeship experience but also brings them into contact with multiple companies, where they have an opportunity to build relationships and a reputation in the industry. It is this reputation and these relationships that we utilise to help them gain further employment in the industry.


GCSE or equivalent English (Grade 4 (C) / Level 2 or Higher) Essential,GCSE or equivalent Mathematics (Grade 4 (C) / Level 2 or Higher) Essential,GCSE or equivalent ICT (Grade 1-3 / Level 1) DesiredCommunication skills,Attention to detail,Organisation skills,Problem solving skills,Administrative skills,Number skills,Analytical skills,Team working,Experienced in Microsoft Excel


Address: Barnet, EN5 4BS

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