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Pret A Manger - Team Member Apprenticeship

£282.00 - Weekly


Start: 25 January 2022
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Why We Need You

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Why We Need You

At Pret A Manger you will be working towards a Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship over the course of 15 months.

A Pret Team Member or Team Member Star works as part of a team in a Pret shop in the kitchen, front of house and delivery. They follow the 3 core Pret behaviors in all aspects of their work: Passion, Team working and Clear Talking. They are responsible for creating an efficient & welcoming environment, engaging and “wowing” our customers and producing great quality Pret food. Key focuses for the role are team work, the 6 key points of service and production, cleanliness and productivity.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To always follow the 6 key points of Service 
  • To serve customers efficiently, politely, and quickly in an engaging manner 
  • To take the time to respond to customers needs and to deliver an outstanding service 
  • To always wear clean and immaculate uniform on shift 
  • To ensure products are presented in bags or trays according to Pret standards.

Delicious foot & drink:

  • To create delicious food according to Pret standards in an efficient, safe environment 
  • To ensure stock is rotated and used according to standards
  • To attend induction to Pret Course & pass the Pret food hygiene test
  • To adhere to financial standards on tills


Pret A Manger means ‘Ready to Eat’ in French. Pret works a little like a restaurant, Pret build kitchens in (or very near) every shop. Pret don’t use ‘sell-by’ dates because at the end of every day they offer unsold food to charity rather than keeping it to sell the next day. They love making fresh, delicious food, and our milk and coffee is 100% organic.

Today, Pret is a global and growing business of 500 shops, 12,000 employees, with over 100 nationalities. Some of our apprentices have even completed their apprenticeship and moved abroad to set-up a Pret shop in another country! Some of our apprentices have even completed their apprenticeship and moved abroad to set-up a Pret shop in another country! To find out more about Pret please go to -


No qualifications required!

None! We’re just looking for your passion, personality and desire to learn and progress in the industry!

  • Passion
  • Great execution 
  • Team working 
  • Retail savvy
  • Clear Talking 
  • Open to change


Address: 164, Buckingham Palace Road, London - SW1W 9TP

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