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Pret Kitchen Team Leader Apprentice

£367.85 - Weekly


Start: 25 January 2022
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Why We Need You

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Why We Need You

The Kitchen Leader runs the kitchen in a Pret shop and leads the kitchen team. Their main responsibility is to produce great quality Pret food. They need to manage the production of the right products at the right time through planned production setting and smart ‘on demand’. Their performance is measured against the KPIs for their area and shop premiership, the Operating Review (including Health and Safety Audit) and their Job description responsibilities. They ensure quality, planned production with pace in a clean and safe environment. They motivate and support the kitchen team through the Pret Culture of catching people doing things right. They control their ordering and production to business needs.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • To ensure the quality of our MTS food and ingredients is ‘Pret Perfect’
  • To ensure that the kitchen delivers amazing service to the FoH, our delivery customers and twin shops (if applicable) and, ultimately, to our customers. 
  • To produce delicious food according to Pret standards in an efficient, safe environment
  • To focus on food quality using all tools available (i.e. How To cards and recipe sheets) 
  • To complete the weekly stock count & administration processes accurately and consistently
  • To fully brief and action all product launches to ensure the kitchen team are fully informed and that Pret quality is maintained with all new or upgraded products and ingredients
  • To plan and review effectively in order to deliver timely, accurate and ‘picture perfect’ production
  • To control both fixed and variable productions to ensure the right product at the right time according to your shop model principles and sales forecast
  • To ensure Mystery Shopper availability expectations are met as a minimum
  • To ensure Kitchen Line Check is carried out as per Pre


Pret A Manger means ‘Ready to Eat’ in French. Pret works a little like a restaurant, Pret build kitchens in (or very near) every shop. Pret don’t use ‘sell-by’ dates because at the end of every day they offer unsold food to charity rather than keeping it to sell the next day. They love making fresh, delicious food, and our milk and coffee is 100% organic.

Today, Pret is a global and growing business of 500 shops, 12,000 employees, with over 100 nationalities. Some of our apprentices have even completed their apprenticeship and moved abroad to set-up a Pret shop in another country! Some of our apprentices have even completed their apprenticeship and moved abroad to set-up a Pret shop in another country! To find out more about Pret please go to -


At Pret our values are very important and so we recruit on behaviors instead of qualifications. There are no formal entry criteria (GCSEs or equivalent) and you will be supported to gain Functional Skills in English and maths alongside the apprenticeship, if required.

You must have some experience in Hospitality. Supervisory experience is a plus.

  • Passion 
  • Clear talking 
  • Great execution 
  • Realising potential 
  • Leading others 
  • Team working
  • Retail savvy


Address: International Departure Lounge, Gatwick - RH6 0NP

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