Discover Life as an Apprentice at Google – Live Broadcast

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February 23, 2021

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Google, one of the largest companies in the world? For starters, our sources say that their offices are often quirky, deceptively state-of-the-art and a hub of creative activity. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Since 2012, the technology giant has offered a range of unique apprenticeship programmes with the aim of attracting the best talent from different backgrounds. Centred around their ethos that the diversity of perspectives, ideas, and cultures often results in better innovations of products and services, Google’s apprenticeship programmes are highly sought after. In fact, they’re often rated amongst the top apprenticeship schemes that assist school and college-leavers beginning their career in Information Technology (IT).

Now thanks to our new initiative,, you can find out more about their programmes, straight from the good folks at Google themselves. is our new education initiative hosting monthly live broadcasts, where cutting-edge organisations will discuss compelling topics within the world of science, technology, and engineering. 

We’re thrilled to have Google onboard to launch this new portal, which we believe will give you useful real-world insights. 

Watch the video recording of the broadcast here

We covered the following topics as part of this video broadcast:

  • Life at Google and what it’s like to work there
  • The different apprenticeship programmes on offer
  • Insider tips to help applications stand out

About the speakers

Maya Tudor – Apprenticeship Specialist at Google

Maya started her journey at Google more than 5 years ago, and she has since been involved in up-skilling students and providing development opportunities. She’s previously worked on campus outreach programs and scholarships and now focuses on creating a pathway into Google for apprentices and providing the best experience for them while onsite.

Aiyana – IT Apprentice at Google

Aiyana discovered her passion for IT while studying computer science during her GSCEs. She then further developed that knowledge with a BTEC vocational IT qualification and is now applying her problem-solving skills as an IT Apprentice with Google since October.

Veronica – Apprentice at Google

Veronica ventured into the world of technology, following a degree in Medical Imaging. After a brief stint as a QA analyst in Argentina, Veronica enrolled in a programming boot-camp when she moved to London. She’s now one of the six apprentices from the first Cohort with Google UK.

About the moderator

Steve Keith, a leading employer branding and communication consultant. After leading apprenticeship opportunities at one of the biggest professional services firms in the world, he now works as The Branding Man with employers and educators to create purposeful communications, brand campaigns and experiences that young people can both understand, and get excited about.

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