What are the Benefits of a Degree Apprenticeship?

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February 23, 2021

We’ve made no secret of it here at Springpod: we think degree apprenticeships are pretty awesome. Not only do they offer a great alternative career pathway, some of the degree apprenticeship benefits, in our opinion, completely blow a traditional university degree out of the competition. And from what our employer partners and their apprentices tell us - we’re not alone in believing that!

But it’s you that we really want to get the good word out to about how beneficial this academic and professional pathway is.

So, here are five degree apprenticeship benefits we think will prove our point:

Earn a (decent) salary while you learn

As you’reconsidered an employee you’ll be paid a salary for the full duration of yourprogram.

Apprenticeshipsalaries have had some bad press, and with the National Minimum Wage beingsomewhat lower for apprentices it’s easy to see why. But degree apprenticeshipsare different:

Which we don’t think is too sad at all!

Say goodbye to student loan debt

Not only willyou earn a salary, but your tuition costs are also covered by the government.

We’ll repeat that: Tuition Fees. 100% paid for.

More and moreyoung people are concerned about the rising costs of tuition fees, and the debtit will leave them in post-study. A degree apprenticeship removes this barrierand means you can get on with life debt-free.

Direct access to Industry mentoring

Having the rightmentors at the start of your career is an absolutely invaluable resource tohelp you put your best foot forward.

The trick is finding the right mentor. And thenconvincing them to be your mentor.

As a degreeapprentice, you’ll automatically be assigned one. This professional individualwill be your Guru for advice and guidance, career pitfalls to avoid, and nextsteps if you want to level-up your career at the end of your program.

Challenge the 'Status Quo'

It’s a shame buta reality that there are still a lot of employers who say they can’t findgraduates with the right skills and acumen to deliver in the workplace.

As a degreeapprentice, you’ll be challenging the perception that young people simplyaren’t career ready just by being your enthusiastic, learning-hungry self.

You can ask yourfriends to thank you later.

Clear career progression paths

For manygraduates reaching the end of their degree, what happens next often feels likea huge mystery. The how-tos of job searching, networking, and landing thatfirst job can be a really daunting experience.

With anapprenticeship? Not so much. Research from found that aftercompleting their apprenticeship:

  • 77% of apprentices end up being recruited for full-time positions by their employer.
  • 46% reported that they also received a pay rise.
  • 36% got a promotion once they finished their studies.

While a job atthe end is fantastic, there is more a degree apprenticeship can offer you interms of experience, upskilling yourself, making friends and (not to forget)the fully funded degree at the end of it too.

Feeling convinced but still want to know more?

Check out our Degree Apprenticeship Guide and hear what current apprentices and our employer partners have to say about their programs.

You won’t bedisappointed.

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