What Can You Get an Apprenticeship in?

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February 23, 2021

Deciding to do an apprenticeship - whether it's an advanced apprenticeship or a degree-level one -is a BIG deal. You’ve successfully made a decision to not only continue with your studies in a proactive way but also kick-start your professional career.

Wethink that definitely deserves a high-five!

The next step might be knuckling down what exactly you want to do your apprenticeship in. It’s one thing to have an idea of the industry but what about the exact role you’ll be working in?

Apprenticeships have traditionally been offered in the 'trades' industry. Now, while there's nothing wrong with purusing a career as a hairdresser or plumber, we also think that it's about time we flipped the impression of apprenticeships being limited to only a handful of opportunities! We’ve taken a look at what’s out there and put together a list of some of the most popular industries that you could get an apprenticeship in.

Engineering, Construction and the Built Environment

Apprenticeships have come along way. It’s no longer the entry-level trades on offer - engineering saw the benefit of getting young people involved earlier with the practical stuff and there are some really exciting roles available!

Example Job Titles:

  • CivilEngineer
  • MechanicalEngineer
  • RailInfrastructure Engineer
  • EngineeringMaintenance Assistant
  • BuiltEnvironment and Design Assistant
  • AerospaceEngineer
  • Networkand Broadcast Engineer
  • ConstructionSite Management Trainee
  • Bricklayingand Construction Apprentice
  • ElectricalEngineer

Creative Media & Creative Industries

Fromworking for a newspaper to a theatre, radio and music production, to digitaldesign, interior design, or landscape design! The creative sector is prettylimitless and there are opportunities for whatever floats your creative boat.

Example Job Titles:

  • FloristDesigner
  • Horticultural& Landscape Designer
  • GraphicDesigner
  • SocialMedia Assistant
  • ProductDesigner
  • InteriorDesigner
  • MusicMarketing Assistant
  • PublicRelations Assistant
  • ProductionAssistant
  • EditorialAssistant
  • JuniorReporter
  • AdvertisingAssistant

Business Administration, Human Resources, and Accounting

Ifyou’re more business-minded than creative minded, don’t think thatapprenticeships stop at what they have to offer! Apprenticeships have branched outinto some fantastic business-related areas, offering young people theopportunity a taste of roles including:

  • ProjectManager
  • OperationsAssistant
  • OfficeAssistant
  • BusinessAdministration Assistant
  • AccountingAssistant
  • FinancialAnalyst Assistant
  • PayrollAdvisor
  • HumanResources Advisor
  • MarketingAssistant
  • CommunicationsAssistant
  • CustomerService Advisor
  • BusinessDevelopment Assistant

Information Technology and Telecommunications

In an increasingly digital world, the area of IT apprenticeships is booming. As the needs within different businesses and industries become more complex, the scope of where an apprenticeship in this area can take you is almost limitless - especially if you are considering degree apprenticeships!

Example Job Titles:

  • CyberSecurity Apprentice
  • DigitalData Analyst Assistant
  • DigitalAudit Assistant
  • TraineeProgrammer
  • SoftwareDevelopment Assistant
  • Serviceand Helpdesk IT Support Apprentice
  • NetworkAnalyst
  • TelecommunicationsEngineer

Health and Social Care, and Education

Movingaway from the more STEM side of things, apprenticeships are open to those whomight be more focused on a career in roles that are more people-focused. Healthand Social care apprenticeships have long been available at the entry-level,but these have now expanded to more senior opportunities. Alongside roles ineducation and teaching, there’s a lot to explore in this industry!

Example Job Titles:

  • TeachingAssistant
  • SENDTeaching Assistant
  • PrimarySchool Teacher
  • AcademicProfessional
  • HealthcareAssistant
  • AgedCare Assistant
  • YouthWork Trainee
  • SocialCare Trainee
  • PhysiotherapyTrainee

Aswe mentioned, these lists are just a few highlights that we thought would behelpful to demonstrate the real breadth that exists across what exactly you cando an apprenticeship in!

There are currently roles available in over 40 industries! So if there’s something you’re really interested in by don’t see listed here, it doesn’t mean it’s not available. And remember - our platform now integrates with the National Apprenticeships Service.

So why not join the Springpod network for free and start discovering your future career today? We're confident you'll find something that ticks exactly what you're looking for.

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