Banking Work Experience

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When is it?

Coming soon

When is the deadline?

We do not have deadline

Am I eligible?

Students aged 14-19 are welcome to apply.

What’s involved
What you’ll cover


Kickstart your career in banking today. Gain the skills and insight you'll need by completing our virtual work experience programme. Get a clear understanding of what working in the industry will actually look like, complete real work and assignments and interact with industry professionals during live webinar sessions. Upon completion you will receive a certificate to add to your CV and/or personal statement.


BenefitThis programme is free for students.
BenefitAdd the experience to your CV and Personal Statement.
BenefitYou’ll get practical skills and knowledge.
BenefitYou’ll earn a certificate if you complete the programme.

What’s involved

Live workshops with employers

You’ll meet professionals in live
workshops and be able to ask
them questions.

Work and assignments

You’ll complete activities and work assignments to develop skills and knowledge.

Fits into your schedule

Complete all work and assignments at times that are suitable to you.

What you’ll cover

The banking industry is one of the most rewarding fields to work in, with multiple disciplines to specialise in, such as commercial and investment banking. So, pursuing a career within the industry can open a lot of doors and lead to roles such as Financial Adviser, Branch Manager and Loan Officer. That's why this virtual work experience programme will leave no stone unturned. From understanding the different pathways into banking to learning about key numeracy skills, you'll cover a whole range of crucial topics and skills that you'll need during your career.

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