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We joined forces with BT to bring students a free Insight Day. There were opportunities to meet a range of professionals, get an overview of their experiences working for BT and listen to their advice on which routes students can take towards a career in tech. Students could ask these professionals questions about BT and the technology industry in general.

The Insight Day shed light on some of the different job roles within BT, exploring some of the key skills that BT looks for in its employees, and highlighting the values at the heart of the company. The programme also included a vital pathways module, to advise students on what to do next if interested in a tech career, how to apply to BT, and the different apprenticeship programmes available to school leavers. The day also included a range of quizzes to encourage students to reflect on what they learnt as well as a practical activity designed to provide a glimpse into some of the activities that BT employees work on day-to-day.

The insight day involved around 2 and a half hours of activity. Students are able to fit it around their schedule (whether that be school or college). There are live webinars to get involved in, but if students are unable to attend these recordings are available on-demand.


BenefitThis programme is free for students.
BenefitAdd the experience to your CV and Personal Statement.
BenefitYou’ll get practical skills and knowledge.
BenefitYou’ll earn a certificate if you complete the programme.

What’s involved

Live workshops with employers

You’ll meet professionals in live workshops and be able to ask them questions.

Work and assignments

You’ll complete activities and work assignments to develop skills and knowledge.

Fits into your schedule

Complete all work and assignments at times that are suitable to you.

What you’ll cover

The insight day covered the following areas: Introduction to BT: its history and what the company looks like today. The technology industry: why should you consider a career in technology? BT’s Values, including their actions towards ensuring their workforce is inclusive and diverse Life at BT and what the different roles look like: Professionals from the company will present on these topics and answer any questions that you may have. A BT engineering services activity: try your hand at some real life work for BT and see if it’s something that you’d enjoy

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