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JLL/Meta Construction Work Experience: Real Estate Careers & Innovation

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Job sector

Construction & Trades
Students aged 14-19 are welcome to apply
Certificate of completion
Over 9 hours worth of content

You’ve probably heard of ‘real estate’, but do you know what it means? In this virtual work experience programme, JLL and Meta will introduce you to the world of real estate and the exciting career opportunities within it, and pathways into it. Through the lens of written, interactive and video content, you’ll work through a series of online modules to build your understanding of this industry. You'll be introduced to a range of careers at JLL and the wider industry - from roles in data and sustainability to real estate management and running your own business, (plus much more). Not only that, but you'll also get the insider scoop on courses and pathways into your career, as well as learning more about Project Destined, a platform established with the aim of helping young people from underrepresented groups become real estate equity owners and decision-makers.

What's included
From sustainability and running real estate to how you could use the Metaverse in the sector, this programme will introduce you to the world of real estate - an industry that is all about creating innovative spaces for people to thrive in. You’ll have the chance to take part in quizzes and activities (including one that uses Minecraft!) to put your skills and knowledge to the test. What’s more, you’ll even have the chance to hear from leading industry experts along the way, and reflect on everything you learn.

Introduction to Real Estate

This module will provide you with an introduction to real estate - from what it is to some of the biggest myths about the sector. Not only that, but you’ll also learn more about JLL and the Metaverse - including how we could use the Metaverse in real estate. You’ll take part in some fun activities in this module, such as looking at the property lifecycle.

Transaction Management
Facilities Management
Leading Real Estate
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Data Centres and Smart Real Estate

Available dates




Programme dates

12th February - 13th March

Application deadline

13th March

Eligibility criteria

Age range

14 - 19 YEARS

Hear from our student community

Aqsa Saleemi, Year 12 Student

Thank you for all your time and effort. The program was by far the best experience I’ve had virtually compared to other virtual experiences I’ve done. I liked the layout and the interactive activities, and I learnt a lot I didn’t know. I would definitely recommend this program to others; it was a great experience I would love to do it all again.

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