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Thank you very much for providing me with this excellent, unique and exclusive opportunity. I thank you for all your hard work in assembling this program and couldn't be more grateful for the chance to experience what a career is like in this industry, as previously I had no idea what a career in engineering was like. It was a very enjoyable program that was very interactive and challenging. It was extremely engaging while also forcing you to be independent and use your own brain to accomplish things.


It really opened up my view to types of work and the paths I can take to get there. It was really entertaining and interesting and really raised my interest in working at Atkins as you clearly showed how amazing the team is and the support especially on the mental health side of things. Thank you so much again for all your time, work and effort and I hope I can seek guidance from you all again!


Thank you so much for engaging with people like myself who dream to end up in a position that you're in at the moment. As a girl myself, I found it so comforting hearing about how welcomed the female industry professionals were at Atkins and it really encouraged me to keep working towards a career in engineering and to not be put off in this male-dominated industry as I now realise I deserve to be there just as much as anybody else.