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Class Chats: Verifying AI Knowledge

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Digital, IT and Computing
This programme is open to anyone aged 13+
Certificate of completion
Up to 2 hours worth of content


Broaden your career horizons, and get a taste of what different opportunities careers can bring through On-Demand Class Chats, guided by experts from Amazon. 

On-Demand Class Chats are immersive career experiences - designed to give the chance to try different activities connected to various careers. You’ll gain an insight into the role and what opportunities exist before getting hands-on and trying out an activity for yourself! 

Curious about what goes into developing AI systems? In this Class Chat, you’ll find out more about the essentials of AI, and get an understanding of how AI systems process and deliver information. You’ll review the information AI has provided, and check whether it’s really as accurate as it says it is! 

Don’t just dream about your future career - complete real-world tasks, activities and projects to help you figure out the right role for you and get the experience you need!

What’s Included: 

These On-Demand Class Chats are a way for you to try out real-world tasks, activities, and projects, which give you a taste of what a future career in different sectors with Amazon could look like.

You’ll learn more about software development and the evolution of AI, along with an insight into what the future of AI could look like. You’ll hear from industry experts at Amazon, who’ll provide you with the context you need to try out a real-world scenario for yourself. 

Through this Class Chat, you’ll get a better understanding of how generative AI models select and create responses to any query - and get a sense of how this is improving! You’ll learn from your Amazon Mentor through videos, and compare your work with their model answers to refine your abilities even further.

Software Development and AI

AI is transforming how we access and interpret information. It was something that wouldn’t have been thought possible by most people just over a decade ago. But, fast forward to 2023, lots of people are beginning to adopt AI tools. AI can be used in many different ways, including customer service situations, education, content creation, entertainment, and more. 

This module provides context to the development of AI systems, along with an overview of how software developers play a significant part in making this happen! You’ll learn about software development, AI, and test out your newfound knowledge through interactive quizzes!

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Programme dates

10th October 2023 - 10th October 2024

Hear from our student community

Aqsa Saleemi, Year 12 Student

Thank you for all your time and effort. The program was by far the best experience I’ve had virtually compared to other virtual experiences I’ve done. I liked the layout and the interactive activities, and I learnt a lot I didn’t know. I would definitely recommend this program to others; it was a great experience I would love to do it all again.

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