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Social Care - Work Experience in Rewarding Careers with Brighton & Hove

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Social Care
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This programme is open to anyone aged 13+
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Over 7 hours worth of content

Embark on a journey into the heart of social care with our immersive virtual work experience in collaboration with Brighton and Hove City Council. Delve into the diverse and rewarding world of social care careers, guided by comprehensive insights. Explore the crucial roles played by local authorities in supporting care initiatives. This program encompasses an introduction to various social care careers, offering in-depth insights into the core aspects, responsibilities, and areas within this vital sector. From direct care roles to essential supporting careers, gain a comprehensive understanding of social care operations. Engage in quizzes, activities, and connect with leading industry experts to chart your course in the dynamic field of social care.

What's included
This programme will cover everything from an introduction to the different careers within social care and insight into the core aspects, areas, and responsibilities within this area of care. From looking at direct care roles to invaluable supporting careers, you’ll get a fantastic understanding of how social care operates. You’ll have the chance to take part in some great quizzes and amazing activities, and you’ll even have the chance to speak to leading industry experts along the way!

Welcome to the Health and Care Sector

Have you ever wondered what the health and social care sector is really like? It’s a system that is crucial for treating patients and saving lives on a daily basis, but we often don’t fully understand what it’s like! This module will help with that - from introducing you to social care to essential skills and values, you’ll gain an insight into what it’s like within the sector and how important health and social care really are!

Registered Professionals
Social Care Support
Direct Care
Management and Social Work
Getting Career Ready

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Programme dates

24th February 2024 - 24th June 2025

Hear from our student community

Aqsa Saleemi, Year 12 Student

Thank you for all your time and effort. The program was by far the best experience I’ve had virtually compared to other virtual experiences I’ve done. I liked the layout and the interactive activities, and I learnt a lot I didn’t know. I would definitely recommend this program to others; it was a great experience I would love to do it all again.

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