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Support Office Careers with Specsavers

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Experience overview

If you've visited any busy high street, chances are you've heard of Specsavers. What you may not be familiar with is their support office.  Believe it or not, it’s not just optometry and audiology this business specialises in! Fancy pursuing law, technology, IT, marketing, finance, logistics or retail support? You can do it all plus more at Specsavers, and in this programme, we'll show you how.

Would you to take a deep dive into the worlds of optometry and audiology? Check out our other Virtual Work Experience Programme!

What’s included?

From an introduction to Specsavers to a deep dive into each and every one of their support office divisions, this programme will teach you it all! Take everything in at your own pace as you make your way through a programme filled with written, interactive and video content with the professionals themselves. What’s more, you’ll get to put your knowledge to the test in this programme’s quizzes and activities…

The programme is open to anyone aged 13+
The programme is open to anyone aged 13+
Certificate of completion
Certificate of completion
Approximately 10 hours to complete
Approximately 10 hours to complete
Complete at a pace that suits you
Complete at a pace that suits you
Who Are Specsavers?

In this module, we’ll introduce you to Specsavers, their purpose, behaviours and the variety of roles they offer. You’ll also get to try their new virtual tour, before ending the module with a quiz.

Store-Focused Roles at Specsavers
Marketing and Creative at Specsavers
Finance and Legal at Specsavers
Retail Support at Specsavers
Tech and Data at Specsavers
HR and L&D at Specsavers
Supply Chain at Specsavers

Available dates

To ensure that you get the very best experience, the number of places on each programme is limited. Apply soon to avoid missing your place. Good luck!
Programme dates: 3rd July - 21st July
Application deadline: 23rd June

What students say

"Thank you so much for the programme, I really enjoyed it and every lesson ahs helped me and really opened my eyes. As someone who has grown up loving Films and TV but never really knowing fully what happens behind screen and how people work, this programme has helped me understand and makes me feel excited and confident for the future. It's really swayed me further into pursuing a job in the industry. I also can't wait to see how my generation take on the industry in the future and hopefully the pros from now will be proud! Thank you for the hard work put into the programme!
Thank you so much for such an amazing opportunity! The film industry seemed to me a hard field to go into with hopes of succeeding, however, this programme honestly helped me familiarise myself with the industry more. I am super unsure of what I want to do in the future, I have a lot of interests and the film industry was definitely one at the top of my list and this reassured me that this might truly be the field I wish to study and work in! Again, I absolutely enjoyed the activities as well as all the information! Thank you!!
This programme has 100% helped fuel my passion to work in this industry to new levels, seeing and hearing about all the different aspects and types of roles within the industry has helped me feel more secure within my wish to advance into doing higher media and film courses at college which was something at first I was nervous about. the education this course has given me has also allowed me to discover more about the roles i would like to apply for and one day hopefully become!! Thank you !!
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