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Veterinary Work Experience

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Job sector

Animal Care
This programme is open to anyone aged 13+
Certificate of completion
Over 5 hours worth of content

Interested in a career in veterinary but not sure where to start? This programme will help you experience the industry, explore the diverse careers available and learn more about working in veterinary through a series of workplace projects.

What's included
Want to know why a horse whinnies or dogs love playing fetch? Ever fancied yourself as Dr Dolittle? This programme sounds right up your street. We will give you an overview of veterinary treatment, from learning about animal behaviours to veterinary surgery. We'll even cover alternative veterinary careers - so you're bound to find something that interests you. Plus, you’ll complete a series of fun activities to help build your understanding of the industry, finishing the programme with a downloadable portfolio of your work.

Veterinary Science

What exactly is veterinary science? We’ll take you closer than you’ve ever been to the world of veterinary - from understanding the ins and outs of animal behaviour, to showing how veterinary science can even be important for human health, too!

Disease Prevention and Diagnosis
Veterinary Treatment
Alternative Veterinary Careers

Sorry there are no available dates for this programme. You can see available programmes here.

Hear from our student community

Aqsa Saleemi, Year 12 Student

Thank you for all your time and effort. The program was by far the best experience I’ve had virtually compared to other virtual experiences I’ve done. I liked the layout and the interactive activities, and I learnt a lot I didn’t know. I would definitely recommend this program to others; it was a great experience I would love to do it all again.

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