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Languages Subject Spotlight

Romanian: Stepping inside the language
with Associate Professor Ramona Gonczol from UCL

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Join Ramona Gonczol in this fascinating Subject Spotlight as she takes you to Southeastern Europe and all the way to Romania! You will learn all about the literature, politics, culture, history, and geography of Romania before looking at why the country’s language is so unique to study. You’ll also be presented with some exciting activities such as quizzes and a beginner’s introduction to studying the language - all from the comfort of your own bedroom!

Associate Professor Ramona GonczolUCLLanguages

All episodes
1. Welcome to Romania (Part 1)
2. Welcome to Romania (Part 2)
3. Looking at the language
4. Activity: culture and language

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Meet the academic
Associate Professor Ramona Gonczol

Ramona Gonczol is an Associate Professor in Romanian Language and Linguistics at University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies. Ramona's research interests lie in the area of language acquisition in general, but also specific to Romanian language, in digital education and cultural identities. Ramona has completed, and is working on, a variety of linguistic and educational projects both offline and online, including those with secondary schools and heritage speakers of East European languages.. Ramona also teaches practical translation seminars for CENTRAS, UCL in specialised Romanian language, such as dubbing, voiceover, subtitling, medical and technical Romanian. In her role as the Academic Coordinator for SSEES Language Short Courses, she is interested in innovative material development for language teaching and immersive practices. Her team received a Commendation for their teaching provision from Chartered Institute Of Linguists in 2020. Ramona is the co-founder of the PROLang interdisciplinary research group for language-based area studies and seminar series, and a cultural adviser on Romanian language and cultural matters for a variety of institutions in the UK.

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