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Animation Subject Spotlight

How do we tell stories through animation?
with Jim Le Fevre from University for the Creative Arts

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Join Jim Le Fevre in this Subject Spotlight as he introduces you to the exciting world of storytelling through moving illustration. You will discover a range of traditional and digital animation styles, and how they work together to produce visual narratives. Jim will take you on the journey from idea creation to sketching, digitising and bringing animated sequences to life. You will also apply your knowledge in an activity based on analysing a short film, and receive insight into the careers available to you with an animation degree.

Jim Le FevreUniversity for the Creative ArtsComputer games and animation

All episodes
1. Different approaches to animation
2. Filmmaking - building worlds
3. Deeper focus into digital animation
4. Activity - Analysis of THE WALK

About the university

University for the Creative Arts
University for the Creative Arts
University for the Creative Arts

University for the Creative Arts is a top specialist creative university, home to vibrant campuses in Canterbury, Epsom, and Farnham. With courses in arts, business, and technology, UCA offers state-of-the-art creative facilities, inspiring local surroundings, and the freedom to express yourself creatively amongst like-minded others. As the second largest creative specialist university in Europe, their campuses are packed full of high-tech, quality equipment for you to use around the clock. And no matter how big or bold your ideas may be, at UCA you’ll be guided to transform sparks of creativity into meaningful projects, while forging your path to a rewarding creative career along the way.

Meet the academic
Jim Le Fevre

Jim Le Fevre is a Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Animation course at the UCA, Farnham. Having spent over 20 years as an Animation Director creating adverts, music videos and title sequences in the Industry, Jim began teaching in 2016 when he joined the team at the University for the Creative Arts. In 2018 he gained a PGCert with the prodigious Tony Reeves and Nicholas Houghton, who went on to establish Ding, the Creative Learning platform. Jim is as passionate about animation in all its forms as he is about education, and has created a number of experimental animation techniques, including the Phonotrope, a contemporary reworking of the Victorian parlour toy the Zoetrope, and ‘Frames’ , an interactive gaming installation that combines animation, mobile gaming and microengineering. An archive of his work can be found at He currently teaches the UCA BA (Hons) Animation course on the Advanced Digital Techniques and Animation Industry Practises units.

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