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Politics Subject Spotlight

Borderlines: The politics of territorial trouble
with Kelly Staples from University of Leicester

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Join Kelly Staples as she investigates the politics of territorial trouble, with a particular focus on how the world is divided, the politics of ‘territory’ and the impact of ‘territory’ on people and world politics. This fascinating and at times controversial subject matter culminates in a classic case study for you to take part in surrounding the fall of the Soviet Union!

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1. How is the world divided?
2. The politics of ‘territory’
3. Territorial matters
4. Activity

About the university

University of Leicester
University of Leicester
University of Leicester

The University of Leicester aims to educate, equip and encourage their students to forge a better future. As Citizens of Change, Leicester's research excellence is changing lives and having transformative impact across the globe. Ranked as a Top 30 University, their students and staff make up a powerhouse for ground-breaking research, including being in the top ten UK universities for their COVID-19 research; locating the remains of King Richard III; and the discovery of DNA fingerprinting. Located right in the heart of the East Midlands, Leicester prides itself in being one of the UK’s most multi-cultural cities, playing host to a number of cultural festivals such as a colorful Caribbean Carnival and the largest Diwali celebrations outside of India.

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Meet the academic
Kelly Staples

Dr Kelly Staples is Associate Professor of International Politics at the University of Leicester. She is the author of the 2012 book, Retheorising Statelessness, published by Edinburgh University Press, and a contributor to the 2017 collection, Understanding Statelessness, published by Routledge, and has written elsewhere on recognition, membership and statelessness. Kelly has worked at the University of Leicester since 2009, teaching and researching on international politics. Aside from her work on statelessness, she is also interested in refugees, sanctuary and the meaning of home. She is dedicated to supervising research with a strong theoretical dimension and also interested in supervising research into protection-related issues such as citizenship, refugees, fragile states and statelessness as well as research in the broader fields of human rights and global ethics. Kelly is currently involved in a research project with colleagues at the University of Leicester and in Pakistan, sponsored by the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies, called “Co-constructing Inequalities and Improving Wellbeing Post-Pandemic: Children’s Vision in five Major World Countries”. This has been funded by the Leicester Institute for Advanced Study.

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