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Food Science and Nutrition Subject Spotlight

What is the perfect diet?
with Dr Adam Collins & Dr Jonathan Brown from the University of Surrey

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Join Dr Adam Collins and Dr Jonathan Brown as they consider the much pondered question: what is the perfect diet? They explore what good and bad fads are, consider those experts in the know (educated idiots vs those who know) and discuss both vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Both Adam and Jonathan also pose an activity for you to engage in that will surely change your perception of the perfect diet forever!

Dr Adam CollinsUniversity of SurreyFood science and nutrition

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1. What is a fad diet?
2. Who are the experts?
3. Should I be vegan?
4. Where can a degree in nutrition and food science take me?

About the university

University of Surrey
University of Surrey
University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a global community of more than 16,000 students from 140 countries. Based on a lovely, leafy campus in buzzy Guildford, The University of Surrey boasts gorgeous countryside to the south and west, and London half an hour to the east. It’s the perfect setting for a challenging and rewarding university experience that creates incredible memories and helps you achieve your ambitions. With a focus on practice-based learning, supported by outstanding teaching, laboratory and simulation facilities in every faculty, Surrey is ranked first in the UK for work placements and graduate employability.

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Meet the academic
Dr Adam Collins

Dr Adam Collins has been a qualified nutritionist for over 20 years, completing his undergraduate degree in 1996 before going on to complete an MSc in Nutrition & Metabolism, and a PhD focusing on energy expenditure and body composition. His on-going interests lie in obesity, exercise nutrition, body composition and energy metabolism, all as can be applied to weight loss/maintenance and metabolic health. Current research includes exercise intensity and energy balance, intermittent fasting, meal timing and composition, specifically the use of carbohydrate manipulation for metabolic health Adam has been committed to undergraduate and postgraduate nutrition education for over 15 years, joining the University of Surrey in 2006. As programme leader for BSc and MSc Nutrition, he is heavily involved in the management and delivery of nutrition education at Surrey. In 2005, Adam started a private nutrition consultancy (NutrifficTM), working with companies as a nutrition consultant, undertaking one-to-one nutritional consultations, as well as commissioned lectures and workshops. He is currently nutrition consultant for Form ( and previously with a commercial weight management company (EurodietTM)

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