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Handle with care: The guide to animal handling
with Dr Eleanor Drinkwater & Darren Veitch from Writtle University College

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Join Dr Eleanor Drinkwater, Darren Veitch and Hamish Morrin as they present a series of fascinating, animal packed episodes that culminate in an interactive and enlightening Subject Spotlight focussed on Animal Management & Science.

Dr Eleanor DrinkwaterWrittle University CollegeVeterinary medicine

All episodes
1.1 My spidey senses are tingling
1.2 Animal only senses
1.3 Animals have personalities?
2.1 Becoming reptile-ready
2.2 A small frog, in a big pond
2.3 Big bird basics
3.1 Wallabies & capybara
3.2 The 2nd biggest bird In the world
3.3 Awesome alpacas & mischievous marmosets
4.1 Not all dragons breathe fire
4.2 Snakes can be quite slippery
4.3 Slow and steady
4.4 Question time

About the university

Writtle University College
Writtle University College
Writtle University College

Writtle University College is a specialist education facility founded in 1893 that offers courses in land, animal and sport based subjects. The university college is located in the village of Writtle just outside of the city of Chelmsford, Essex. Writtle features a countryside estate, spanning around 150 hectares with a wide range of facilities including a working farm, equine development and training centre, canine therapy unit, pet behaviour and training centre, and a new centre for sport and health amongst many others. Writtle offers a supportive environment where students are taught in small cohorts. With around 400 rooms for over 18s on campus, it provides an ideal place to live, study and socialise.

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Meet the academic
Dr Eleanor Drinkwater

Dr Eleanor Drinkwater is an Entomologist, Expedition Leader, Lecturer and Science Communicator at Writtle University. Having completed her PhD on invertebrate personality, she is fascinated by both invertebrate behaviour, as well as understanding how humans can work with and cultivate invertebrates in a sustainable and ethical way. Eleanor was awarded the Scientific Exploration Society's Inspirational Explorer award in 2018, and has since become a well recognised science communicator, with appearances on radio shows like the Naked Scientists, podcasts including those run by the British Ecological Society and Royal Geographical Society, as well as appearing as an invited speaker at events like the Linnean Society Irene Manton Lecture. Eleanor regularly gives talks on invertebrate conservation and the history of women in science.

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